At Shearer Acupuncture we provide Classical Acupuncture, Beauty Acupuncture and Sports Injury Therapy. Where appropriate, all methods employ the classical approaches using the holistic and practical 5 Elements and Yin-Yang theories. In every case, rest assures that your individual needs and circumstances will be carefully considered

Sports, Injury & Pain Management Acupuncture

Have you considered acupuncture as a first port of call for acute and chronic injuries?  Acupuncture is proven for effective pain relief as well as reducing inflammation.  Backed by 3000 years of trail-and-error, acupuncture is growing in popularity and here to stay.  

Being an avid sportsman, I have gravitated in recent years to specialise more in the field of acupuncture for sports injuries with lots of good results and effective treatments leading me further down this path.